A heart made fullmetal
Your name is JULIA. Obviously, you are a BLOGGER. Your blog reflects your many INTERESTS, such as HOMESTUCK, ANIME, ROOSTER TEETH, and MULTIPLE OTHER FANDOMS. You like to DRAW, but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You only have ONE BLOG as you are too INCONSISTENT and FORGETFUL to keep track of more than one.

Do you know how much I love Dave cosplayers.

Sneezing Dave- @sassybatterie

double glasses Dave- @dave-mau5

infomercial Dave- @vinny-and-the-ghostbutt

Dave with Bro- mysweetdreamland (dave) @awwesomeshit (bro)

Freaked out Dave- @supermattural

Twerk dave- @lamaschizophrenic

Blowjo-PSYCHE- (can’t find source. add if you find it please thank)

Subtle double glasses dave with a silly john- @pester-dave-and-john

So fuckin hood dave- @askthedavetoendalldaves